Vascular Genesis AVs

The Vascular Genesis AVs is a fully resorbable vascular access graft.


The Problem

Two of the primary methods of vascular access for hemodialysis patients are the arteriovenous (AV) fistula and AV graft. 


  • Failure is reported in up to 40% of AV fistula cases

  • Early thrombosis or lack of maturation are often causes of failure
  • This procedure may not be an option for patients that smoke or have diabetes. 


  • More than half of the grafts placed will fail after approximately six months, rising to 95% after two years
  • Prone to stenosis, neointimal hyperplasia, rejection, infection, and graft failure
graft failure diagram v2-01.png

The Solution


The Vascular Genesis AVs is a fully resorbable vascular access graft that is replaced by healthy vascular tissue. Addressing the problems experienced with current vascular grafts.
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There are no fully resorbable synthetic vascular conduit products currently on the market. Biologic devices are more difficult to manufacture, cost much more, carry a risk of an immune reaction, and face a significant regulatory hurdle.